The joint journey in tech venture building

How do we engage?

We have skin in the game and therefore invest up to 50% of our total technology development cost. We’re open for different participation models and like talking about with you.

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Revenue Share

Often used with Corporates when doing a project for a digital product.


Common way in the case of company building, where we exchange our investment in equity shares.

How do we work?

Axelra accelerates your tech venture and has skin in the game.

We empower dedicated self organised and cross functional teams.

For every project we dedicate small interdisciplinary teams with a core of 3-5 people which are supported by subject matter experts.

The team is booked for a fixed price and time frame for fix week days.

The teams share common goals and receive a high degree of trust, responsibility and freedom. This leads to personal development and to a high level of self organization and effectiveness.