We are over the moon that Axelra won the mobility vertical, became Co-Winner of the #SBHACK19 and also won the pitch at the Swiss Blockchain Investor Day 2019. More than 200 Hackers in 39 Teams from 19 countries hacked 20 Millions lines of code within 42 hours.Our Axelra team won with welove the mobility vertical and crafted frontend, backend, smart contract, animations and the video in 36 hours!
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Velove is a blockchain app which rewards people for commuting with their bike. There are 4 million commuters in Switzerland, more than half of whom use cars to get to work. 31% use public transport and only 15% walk or cycle. That's why we create velove, with which we want to encourage and reward people to ride more with bikes. By riding the bike to work, you can earn our virtual currency – the CO2 token. Once your ride is finished, we tell you how much CO2 tokens you have earned and how much you have reduced your carbon offset. Of course you can also send the CO2 token to other people in the network - CO2 is a real ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.We are convinced that such an approach could be effectively successful and I would be super happy to discuss it with CO2-Friendly Partner. Our CEO is looking forward to drink coffee with you ;#sbhack19



Moflix is an industry pioneer committed to transform Telco operators so they can wow their customers with amazing digital experiences. The Moflix Interaction platform allows our customers to simplify their BSS processes while making them more effective and efficient. This radically simplifies the distribution and management of telco products. In other words, Moflix offers what it takes to win customers, develop new revenue streams and differentiate from the competition and radically simplify customer interactions. Axelra built and accelerated Moflix to launch Yallo Swype within 100 days. We successfully handed over to the Moflix Team by End of 2019 and supporting Moflix in their growth.

Meet the team
These are the technologies we implemented

Moflix's architecture

The Moflix’s white-label platform for digital services is entirely cloud-based through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Onfido as KYC provider (industry-leading KYC AI solution), Zendesk as Customer Management System (to enable chatting via Whatsapp) Killbill as Subscription / Billing Engine and Datatrans as payment provider (to enable payments per visa, mastercard or TWINT).

Tech insights

Moflix is built on the AWS stack, with AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, and Amazon DynamoDB. KillBill, the billing service, is also hosted on AWS, using Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and for the database Amazon RDS. The payment handling for the billing service is done by Datatrans AG. For the development we used AWS CodeCommit, and for the deployment AWS CodePipeline. The frontend is done in React Native and the application is available for Android as well as iOS. The animations are implemented with Reanimated, which is a very powerful animations library for React Native. It has native performance because they run on the native thread even though they are delcared in javascript. However, to get the most out of this animation, Swype uses an extra layer on top of Reanimated which is a library called React-Native-Redash. This library was created by William Candillon, it simplifies how to use reanimated and provides very useful helpers while animating.

Implemented technologies

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