We are over the moon that Axelra won the mobility vertical, became Co-Winner of the #SBHACK19 and also won the pitch at the Swiss Blockchain Investor Day 2019. More than 200 Hackers in 39 Teams from 19 countries hacked 20 Millions lines of code within 42 hours.Our Axelra team won with welove the mobility vertical and crafted frontend, backend, smart contract, animations and the video in 36 hours!
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Velove is a blockchain app which rewards people for commuting with their bike. There are 4 million commuters in Switzerland, more than half of whom use cars to get to work. 31% use public transport and only 15% walk or cycle. That's why we create velove, with which we want to encourage and reward people to ride more with bikes. By riding the bike to work, you can earn our virtual currency – the CO2 token. Once your ride is finished, we tell you how much CO2 tokens you have earned and how much you have reduced your carbon offset. Of course you can also send the CO2 token to other people in the network - CO2 is a real ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.We are convinced that such an approach could be effectively successful and I would be super happy to discuss it with CO2-Friendly Partner. Our CEO is looking forward to drink coffee with you ;#sbhack19


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SIBEX is a Digital Asset Trading Tool for OTC professionals. By running on full nodes, it helps to eliminate the counterparty risk and discover totally new arbitrage opportunities. Axelra built the first paltform of SIBEX, which included a daemon, a communications server, a REST API, CLI and GUI. We implemented an atomic swap protocol using hashed time-locked contracts to enable on-chain cross-chain transactions between the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains. The Axelra team built together with SIBEX the decentralized P2P crypto trading platform and launched the alpha version after 72 days. Notable investors, including Chinese venture firm Fenbushi Capital, Swiss stock exchange group SIX and blockchain-focused investment firm Accomplice VC participated in the round, among others. SIBEX is available in Europe, Asia, North America and LATAM and offers constant order flows from financial institutions, broker-dealers, electronic liquidity providers, custody providers, miners and exchanges.

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These are the technologies we implemented

SIBEX's architecture

The SIBEX daemon runs on an amazon hosted virtual machine running linux, which their user deploys when they setup their SIBEX environment. The daemon connects to SIBEX servers, tasked with matching orders placed on the system. In addition, the daemon connects to both ethereum and bitcoin full-nodes, which are also deployed at setup. The user interactions with the SIBEX system via his preferred browser, maintaing full control over the daemon and especially their own personal full-nodes.

Tech insights

SIBEX was built with golang using gitlab pipelines for building and deploying. The communication was partially done with websockets, partially with a REST interface. While the GUI frontend was done with React, we also implemented an interactive CLI. The hashed time-lock smart contract for the Ethereum side were implemented with Solidity, and for Bitcoin, the Bitcoin opcodes were used directly. For integration testing the dev chain mode of Parity was used as well as regtest on Bitcoin.

Implemented technologies

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