Swiss Early Stage Tech Venture Funding Map 2024
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Axelra identified as one of Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs 2024
#1 in Switzerland and #32 in Europe
Axelra’s recognition in the the Financial Times Special Report “Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs” and its distinction as the No. 1 within the Swiss ranked hubs, is a testament to its significant contribution to the development of early stage tech ventures in Europe and in Switzerland.
fliggs mobile
fliggs mobile
Unleashing the Power of Web3

The first, all-digital Web3 MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Opterator) to enter the American market. By integrating a non-custodial wallet into their mobile app, fliggs ensures that customers can seamlessly tap into the next internet generation - Web3.

Beyond Beauty Club
The Next Level of Personalized Social Selling

Shaping the Future of Personalized Skincare and Social Selling with Dr. Simon's AI Avatar and Financial Empowerment.

Digit Soil
Pioneering sustainable Precision Farming

Revolutionizing agriculture with real-time soil enzyme activity measurement, providing farmers personalized fertilization guidance for optimal soil health.

Axelra PowerWeek
100 hours to Prototype / Pre-MVP

A turbo boost to explore new technologies, validate and ship disruptive and ambitious ideas within 1 Week in co-creation with Axelra. In May 2023 we explored ChatGPT with Zürcher Kantonalbank & KINASTIC.

GKB Gioia 3a
Macht Vorsorge zur Vorfreude

GKB Gioia 3a turns retirement savings (Swiss 3a) into a pleasure. Simply install the app, onboard yourself, open pillar 3a and start saving.

Built in 211 Days.
Frigg makes sustainable finance accessible, efficient, and composable

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that brings DeFi liquidity to sustainable infrastructure assets, and collateralized stable yield to DeFi.

Built in 64 Days.
Speculate Less, Earn More

Keep calm and secure your profits with Grizzly, the most user-oriented Liquidity Mining platform, where you can generate predictable income on stablecoins and other stable assets, regardless of crypto price fluctuations.

Built in 22 Days.
Freya Savings
Profit and purpose in 3a retirement savings

Super easy and sustainable retirement savings (Swiss 3a) with the Freya 3a App with compliant 5 Min Onboarding.

Built in 211 Days.
The global Gateway for eNotes™

The Global Gateway for eNotes™ that enables the issuance and transfer and the enforceability in 164 countries based on a banking-grade DLT environment.

Built in 133 Days.
Like the netflix for Telcos

The first app-based mobile subscription in Switzerland offering a 100% digital customer experience.

Built in 152 Days.
The trading app for art

toaa is a portfolio and trading app for art that transforms beginners into art buyers and supports them in starting their art journey. With toaa, users can discover, compare, buy, hold, and sell art with ease, right at their fingertips.

Employees exercise 15 Mins every day

The VIABZ Health Challenge makes health and activity a priority in your company. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, the participants come into contact with various topics and receive valuable tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Built in 42 Days.
Like the Google Analytics, but for real life

The traffic measurement solutions provide insights to improve live customer experiences, optimise operational costs and increase sales.

Built in 94 Days.
Exchange, Everything. Decentralized

Trade OTC with the whole world. No Middlemen, no centralised custody.

Built in 102 Days.
Full-service platform for music lovers

For students to find the perfect teacher and have more fun progressing with the Matchspace Music app. For teachers to find new students and manage student admin in one place. Learning and teaching music has never been easier.

Built in 22 Days.
Tamper-proof, trackable, rolled out in 30 days

As part of a POC, Sensirion provides its temperature and humidity sensors for the regulated market with a calibration certificate issued as an NFT. 

Built in 30 Days.