Since 2019, we build and scale tech ventures and ship after 100 days revenue generating MVPs.

Tech Venture Building in Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest innovation power worldwide. It is therefore not surprising that 10% of the global European fintech companies are based in Switzerland. The Fintech Report 2021 lists around 400 fintechs, with 56% based in Zurich. An always up-to-date and interactive overview can be found on the Fintechmap

Venture building is a rather new and challenging discipline. The ever-increasing popularity of private equity as an asset class is fueling the scene worldwide. Especially the early stage venture asset class with the focus in the venture building process. 

It is noteworthy, that due to Covid-19 in Q1-Q3 2020, overall VC investments declined by an average of 12% globally compared to the previous year. Not so in Zurich! In Zurich, VC investments have increased by almost 100% during this time period. 

In this respect, tech venture building in Zurich is a really exciting market and the timing is right. Since the incorporation of tech venture builder Axelra in 2019, we have accelerated the many tech ventures in collaboration with corporates, startups, and ecosystem partners. And of course, we do so with skin in the game! :)

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