Swiss Early Stage Tech Venture Funding Map 2024
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Speculate Less, Earn More is a Liquidity Aggregator that prioritizes a top-notch user experience. The company focuses on simplicity and safety in its design, and sets itself apart from other Liquidity Aggregators with its compelling storytelling and intuitive user interface. Grizzly is also working with asset managers to bring a traditional finance liquidity mining product to market in the near future.

In 2022, Axelra provided hands-on support to the Tech Team at Grizzly. Our experts offered in-depth advice on security audits, blockchain technology, and conducted a comprehensive review of their smart contract and Github/Gitlab repositories.

This collaboration with Grizzly is a prime example of Axelra's dedication to executing projects with innovative and forward-thinking companies in the financial technology sector.


«Axelra boosted Grizzly's tech prowess by providing hands-on support in security, blockchain and smart contract reviews.»

Christian Killer, Chief Information Security Officer at