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Patsy Zwyssig
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
March 14, 2024
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Financial Times identifies Axelra as one of Europe’s leading Startup Hubs 2024: #1 in Switzerland and #32 in Europe

We are incredibly proud that Axelra has been recognized as one of Europe's leading startup hubs, making an important contribution to the development of tech ventures in Europe and Switzerland. This award, based on a meticulous methodology by Statista in collaboration with the Financial Times and Sifted, not only demonstrates Axelra's formative role in fostering early-stage tech startups, but also underlines its outstanding achievement of being the No. 1 of the awarded Swiss hubs. 

In this article, you will learn all the details about this prestigious recognition and Axelra's sophisticated and proven methodology for successfully building startups. It shows why this award is not only a success for Axelra but also a win for the entire ecosystem of startups and maybe soon for your venture.

Only the most influential hubs are recognized 

The methodology for identifying the leading startup hubs in Europe is both comprehensive and robust, ensuring that only the most influential hubs are recognized. Over 2,000 organizations were invited to participate and more than 2,600 alumni reviews provided crucial insights into the performance of these hubs. The evaluation criteria were diverse and focused on alumni feedback, expert recommendations, and the success stories of startups that emerged from these hubs. The overall score for each center was derived from a weighted average of these criteria, with alumni experience weighted at 85%, followed by track record and expert opinion.

Ranking Results by Financial Times, statista & sifted

This careful approach resulted in a selection of 125 hubs spread across 21 countries. The hubs range from university offshoots and corporate incubators to commercial accelerators, highlighting the diverse infrastructure supporting startup ecosystems. The UK emerges as a leading country, hosting the highest number of hubs, particularly in London (24), Europe's venture capital hub. It is followed by Germany (16) and Spain (15), reflecting strong innovation landscapes. A majority of the awarded hubs were founded after 2010.

Axelra's recognition as No. 32 among these hubs, and its distinction as the No. 1 within the Swiss awarded hubs, is a testament to its contribution to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ranking by Region by Financial Times

Find the full special report "Europe's Leading Startup Hubs 2024" here:

Holistic and hands-on approach to accelerating startups

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Axelra's tech venture building process is characterized by its holistic and hands-on approach to accelerating growth. From ideation to scaling, Axelra's model is designed to closely align with the needs of startups at every stage. Key offerings include a PowerWeek, Pre-MVP, MVP and Scaling phases, each tailored to accelerate the path from concept to market.

Axelra places great emphasis on co-creation and ownership and contributes up to 50% of its costs as "sweat equity", directly linking the company's success to that of its ventures. This innovative model can not only accelerate the path to Series A funding for start-ups, but also significantly increase their valuations.

Axelra’s Tech Venture Journey model

A successful model for the future

Axelra's recognition as a top startup hub in Europe is not just an award, but an invitation for startups and corporates to work with a partner that is truly invested in their success. This award demonstrates Axelra's significant contribution to supporting ventures. As Europe grows as an innovation leader, Axelra's approach is a successful blueprint for turning great ideas into successful businesses.

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