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fliggs mobile

Unleashing the
Power of Web3

fliggs mobile is the first, all-digital Web3 MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Opterator) to enter the American market. Thanks to the collaboration with T-Mobile users get access to Americas’s largest and fastest 5G Network. fliggs delivers top quality mobile services and affordable mobile plans to American consumers.

By integrating a non-custodial wallet into their mobile app, fliggs ensures that customers can seamlessly tap into the next internet generation - Web3. This commitment to user empowerment is further exemplified as they stand as the first MVNO to offer a decentralized ID (DID), amplifying user control over data and significantly bolstering privacy in digital transactions.

Beyond this, the wallet facilitates cryptocurrency payments, rewards users through BTC cashback loyalty programs and charitable contributions.

Based on the experience with swype, the first mobile telecom venture between Moflix and Axelra, the technical architecture was developed with the integration of a Web3 wallet. Axelra also developed the user experience for this new and innovative product.

And finally, in order to launch this innovative concept for the American market, the new brand was developed in a co-creation process between fliggs mobile and Axelra.

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Venture: fliggs mobile
Start: 21.4.2023
Built in: 27
Digital Products:
  • fliggs mobile App
Accelerated Areas:
  • Brand Identity and Brand Design Co-Creation
  • Product & UX Design
  • Technical Concept and architecture

«Axelra’s experience in Web3 projects, combined with their knowledge in technology, user experience and brand design, contributed significantly to kickstarting this complex and groundbreaking venture in a remarkably short time. »

Stefan Riedel, CEO fliggs mobile

Venture Building Journey
Venture Building Journey
Creating the first app-based mobile subscription with Web 3 access

fliggs mobile offers a mobile subscription that works 100% via app. Customers are able to download the fliggs mobile App, enable a new eSim Card, verify their identity (KYC), enter their payment details, choose their subscription and activate everything immediately using a mobile app.

The big innovation: through digital onboarding, the user automatically creates a Web3 wallet and generates a unique DID, i.e. a new type of identifier that enables verifiable, self-sovereign digital identities without the need for centralized authorities or intermediaries. After the onboarding, users have a verifiable digital identity that is under their control, managing personal data across various platforms and applications within the fliggs marketplace.

Axelra supported fliggs mobile with a lean, efficient approach at the beginning of the journey to introduce this innovative product on the American market.

Creating the Pre-MVP
From brand strategy & design to UX flow and Pre-MVP

fliggs mobile is the first telco provider to give its customers trustworthy access to Web3 by simply activating a telephone subscription. With this innovative offer Fliggs Mobile will emerge as a new player on the American telco market.

Together with fliggs mobile and the design team we developed all relevant points of the brand strategy in a guided workshop session. The result is summarized on a brand strategy canvas and serves as a briefing for the corporate design.

Based on the brand strategy, the corporate design was developed in a co-creation process and the most important design guidelines were defined.

The UX Flow and the various features of the app were designed and visually implemented. The result: a bold, powerful and unique appearance and experience.

Venture Insights
Mobile Onboarding with Online Identification

Customers shall be able to sign up from the comfort of their couch within minutes. So the the onboarding process was redesigned, simplyfied and completely digitalized.
This includes account creation, entering a payment method , selecting the desired subsciption, activating the SIM Card and getting your number to start using it within minutes. Users can order a SIM card or just activate immediately via eSIM.

Web3 Wallet and digital identity

Users, through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process required for the subscription, automatically receive a Decentralized Digital Identity (DID). This DID could be tied to a Web3 wallet.

Users receive cashback in Bitcoin for their payments, promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in a non-intimidating way. The Bitcoin earned can be allocated towards various options - further subscription payments, donations, or cashouts.

This concept taps into the power of routine transactions to introduce and normalize Web3 technologies. By embedding these technologies into a common service like a mobile phone subscription, it reduces barriers to entry, making the idea of digital identities and cryptocurrency less daunting and more accessible.

Architecture with extended backend

The Fliggs Mobile platform for digital services is entirely cloud-based through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Onfido as KYC provider (industry-leading KYC AI solution), Zendesk as customer management system (to enable chatting via WhatsApp), Killbill as subscription / billing engine and as payment provider (to enable payments per Credit Card).