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The trading app for art.

toaa is a digital platform that brings art to the modern investor. HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet) have yet to participate in the art market, due to inaccessible galleries, confusing prices and purchasing journeys, and lack of connections to the art world.

toaa aims to change this with its invite-only community for high-income art market newbies, who are interested in starting their art portfolio. With toaa, users can discover, compare, buy, hold, and sell both physical art and NFTs. Get a personalized deal flow of works by top galleries, a fact sheet with artist data and ratings, and a dynamic portfolio view.

toaa is a Joint Venture between Deborrah Schaer and Axelra, set to shake up the art world. Get ready to join the next big thing in the art market. Request invitation to the exclusive toaa community.


«Partnering with Axelra to me means speed in the go-to-market, top-notch technical skills, a focus on execution, and a ton of experience when building our joint venture toaa.»

Deborrah Schaer, Co-Founder & CEO toaa