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GigTech fuels the Beyond Beauty Club

The Next Level of Personalized Social Selling

Fuelled by the powerhouse joint venture of GigTech the Beyond Beauty Club stands at the cusp of revolutionizing the personalized skincare landscape while ushering in a disruptive era in social selling.

The e-commerce platform, «», brings to life 25 years of Dr. Simon Ourian's cosmetic dermatology expertise through a revolutionary 3D, photorealistic AI avatar. Revered by Hollywood elites including the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner, Dr. Ourian now extends his tailored services globally. His digital twin, the Dr. Simon AI Avatar, not only mirrors Dr. Ourian's appearance, movements, and tone of voice but also embodies his 25 years of expertise in analyzing customer data to create personalized 3-step skincare regimens. Following the analysis, customers receive a detailed skin report outlining their primary skin concerns. Leveraging this report, a personalized skincare routine is designed for them, available for direct purchase or subscription in a personalized shop.

The «Beyond Beauty Club» is a vibrant hub fostering a community of like-minded individuals. Engaging in social selling, members not only learn and grow but also carve out a side income, empowering themselves financially while indulging in their passion for skincare. The Virtual Office app supports Beyond Beauty Club resellers by providing precise information on current business activity, sales team performance, and expected payments. Users can take advantage of income simulators and calculators to accurately forecast potential earnings, aiding in the setting of realistic financial goals. Alongside, the in-built Academy, central to the app's gamification concept, facilitates a deeper understanding of Dr. Simon Ourian’s products and the overarching philosophy, empowering resellers to effectively market the products.

Axelra meticulously co-created and executed this venture from its inception to its expansive growth, demonstrating vested interest across all spheres including management, (digital) product and growth. As of September 2023, the collaborative force reached its zenith with 23 experts from Axelra and 49 from GigTech/Beyond Beauty actively engaged. Launched as MVP Alpha in December 2022 and publicly in UK in June 2023, the initiative has already marked significant milestones in September 2023 with 7’000+ onboarded active club members, 20,000+ virtual skin consultations and shipping skin care regimes to 28 EU nations. The successful handover is anticipated to reach completion by the end of the year.

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Venture: GigTech AG
Start: 27.4.2022
Built in: 240
Digital Products:
  • Beyond Beauty Club App
  • Dashboards
Accelerated Areas:
  • Management: Venture and Business Planning, Venture Setup, Recruiting, PSOP
  • Product: Prototyping, UX Design, Branding, Tech Delivery,
  • Growth: Compensation Plan, Referral System, Data Driven Marketing Campaigns, Dashboards

«Axelra has most definitely been a part of our team. The team has not only been flexible and agile to our product needs, they’ve brought us up-to-date experience and knowledge to meet our product needs. A true partner who wants to see the success of our partnership.»

Shari Jafari, CEO Beyond Beauty Club

Venture Building Journey
Venture Building Journey

Axelra didn't just orchestrate the company-building journey for GigTech; we co-created and executed this venture right from its inception to its current expansive growth. Alongside the emerging GigTech team, Beyond Beauty Club, and other vital partners, we demonstrated a committed engagement, dedicating more than 3’250 working days showcasing our skin in the game and leveraging deep expertise across various spheres including management, digital product development, and growth. This journey transpired through critical milestones, diligently met one after another:

  • MVP Alpha – December 2022
  • MVP Beta – February 2023
  • Silent Go-Live in the UK – June 2023
  • Go-Live – September 2023

This collaborative venture is now in September 23 home to 7,000+ active club members, with over 20,000 virtual skin consultations facilitated, reaching across 28 EU nations, all achieved in a remarkably short span post-launch. As we approach the end of 2023, we are on track for a successful handover, marking a period of intensive growth and achievement, steering the venture to an expansive horizon.

Growth Market
Unleashing Digital Potential with a Strategic Entry Point in UK

The skincare market is undergoing a personalization revolution, with 50% of UK adults preferring customized skincare. More than half of adults personalize at least one product yearly, and 1 in 5 are willing to pay a 20% premium. The personalized product market exceeds £1.5 billion, emphasizing the trend toward individualized skincare. The gig economy is booming, set to reach $450 billion globally by 2023, offering opportunities for flexible work and personal growth.

Beyond Beauty Club merges these trends, creating a space where skincare enthusiasts can turn their passion into a lucrative career. We offer tailor-made skincare products, backed by sustainability, fostering a community that values individual beauty and personalized care.
Starting in the UK, a hub for personalized products, particularly among those aged 35-44, we have a strong foundation to innovate and grow. As the UK beauty market is expected to reach £21 billion by 2024, Beyond Beauty Club promises a future of personalized, empowering, and sustainable skincare, transforming the industry.

With Dr. Simon Ourian's Experience to a Personalized Skincare Routine

We've launched the global e-commerce platform with the Dr. Simon AI avatar, drawing on Dr. Simon Ourian's expertise to analyze customer data and create personalized 3-step skincare regimens with customized products. After the AI driven skin analysis, customers receive a detailed skin report outlining concerns. Using this report, we craft a personalized skincare routine with custom-printed products, available for direct purchase or subscription in a personalized shop.

Gamified Experience to Build a Side Income

We created the «Beyond Beauty Club App» that allows to engage in social selling and learning, empowering the members financially by building a side income. The App serves as a virtual office for Beyond Beauty Club Members, showing in a gamified way what to do next and offering real-time information on current business activity, sales team performance, and expected payments. It features income simulators for earnings projections and an in-built Academy for understanding Dr. Simon Ourian’s products and the overarching philosophy, empowering resellers to effectively market the products.

Venture Insights
Skin Consultation with an AI Avatar of Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon Ourian is the A-Listers' favourite celebrity skin guru. Stars including the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner come to his well known cosmetic dermatology clinic in Beverly Hills. As his waiting list is long and the need to extends his services globally is high, a revolutionary photorealistic 3D avatar with an AI representing him and his experience was crafted.

His digital twin, the Dr. Simon AI Avatar, not only mirrors Dr. Ourian's appearance, movements, and tone of voice but also embodies his 25 years of expertise in analyzing customer data to create personalized 3-step skincare regimens.

Based on a skript, he is able to speak very naturally to the customer. A new language or new content can easily be added without additional effort of filming or dubbing the language.

A Smart AI Skin Analysis for Personalized Product Advice

A cutting-edge AI skin analysis tool in the onboarding process is able to analyze the provided customer data and turn this into a detailed skin report and a personalized skincare regimen.

In the customer journey, after the user has taken or uploaded a photo and answered a few questions, the most important skin concerns, e.g. redness or wrinkles, are identified using advanced algorithms. The result is a comprehensive report.

Based on this skin analysis, individual skin care products and regimens are put together that best suit the need of the specific customer.

To show how individually each skin care regimen is tailored to the specific needs of the customer, each product is printed with the customer's individual name.

Acceleration of Growth with a Referral System

Our referral system generates unique referral codes for new customers and resellers.

Users get a personal code by either making a first-time purchase or completing reseller onboarding. With a personlized link they can share this code via any channel in their social network. The provided in-app social media assets help to share in an effective way.

If someone uses this code at checkout, the e-commerce shop automatically recognizes who referred them, applies the appropriate discount, and places the new user in the crew of the reseller. The sender and their upline get financially rewarded.

Building a Side Income in a Playful and Easy Way

Beyond Beauty Club members can unlock the potential of their side hustle with our Virtual Office, featuring a dynamic dashboard that gamifies their experience.

Users can track real-time earnings, fulfill their missions to reach their goals, and engage with their network, all while earning money and rewards for each milestone.

The app turns task management into a game, making the side hustle not just profitable but also enjoyable. With intuitive design, user-friendly features and focus on what truly matters – scaling members’ entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Next Level Social Selling

The Beyond Beauty Club offers a compensation plan, which rewards resellers for both – direct sales and team building.
Once they are on board as a reseller, they have many online tools at their disposal for easy social selling.

  • Extensive crew analytics to deep dive and easy access to their team members via team view
  • Simulator tools that help to simulate their possible income and the necessary steps to get there
Micro-Learning Enabled by the Academy: Empowering Beyond Beauty Club Members

The online Beyond Beauty Academy offers a curated curriculum featuring onboarding, product philosophy, regimen excellence, and more.

The Beyond Beauty Club members learn how to climb the professional ladder with courses on advancing in rank, leadership education, overcoming customer objections with ease, and becoming a social media guru to amplify the brand.

Each course within the Academy comprises multiple lessons featuring educational video content, followed by short interactive quizzes and a certificate for completion at the end. This micro-learning approach ensures that members receive bite-sized, contextually relevant information that aligns with their current career stage, enhancing their journey.

A coach (with cutting-edge 3D Avatar technology) guides the members through the academy and ensures a very personal user experience.