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Frigg makes sustainable finance accessible, efficient, and composable. was founded with the aim of addressing the inefficient workflow of sustainable finance. Specifically, the company helps renewable energy project developers to access funding through the issuance of green bonds on the blockchain. Frigg's vision is to establish a standard for best practices, and workflow onboarding for securitizing renewable energy projects on the blockchain and seamlessly connect with distribution channels that underwrite the tokenized securities. This is achieved through the use of smart contracts. The company operates from Switzerland, which has a favorable regulatory environment for providing a secure and decentralized platform.

Axelra's dedicated web3 tech team helped with the foundational work for Frigg’s software as a service platform. Our joint efforts resulted in the successful launch of a proof of concept, where a Norwegian government-backed hydro developer with over 100 years of history, used the Frigg tech to issue a $3 million Swiss digital debt security on Ethereum. Axelra's expertise in web3 architecture ensured a seamless integration, including a modified DEX widget, connection via Wallet Connect, and integration of The Graph while meeting the highest standards and best practices. On the frontend, Axelra contributed to the real-time trade history chart (price and volume) and an on-chain Anti-Money Laundering check as part of a KYC / KYB onboarding process. 


Venture Startup Competition
Finance & Insurance Winner 2023

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«Working with Axelra felt effortless and was efficient, accurate, and goal-oriented. The company facilitated the achievement of the ambitious goals we had set for our PoC.»

Philip Berntsen, Founder & CEO

Venture: Frigg
Start: 16.5.2022
Built in: 67
Axelra Show S2E1 - Frigg

Tune in to this episode of the Axelra Show and get to know our successful collaboration with, an award-winning DeFi startup, that makes sustainable finance accessible.