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Early Stage Tech Venture Funding Map 2024

A Time-Saving Guide to Funding Swiss Early Stage Tech Startups

In the past decade, tech companies have become a top venture capital asset class. However, building a tech startup is tough, requiring intense effort and substantial investment to become profitable. Addressing these challenges and the current demanding economic climate, Axelra developed the «Swiss Early Stage Tech Venture Funding Map» as a strategic resource. It directly contributes to the Swiss startup ecosystem and is designed to enable founders and investors to make the best use of their valuable time.

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Funding Map
Innovation and Tech Ventures born in Switzerland

Switzerland ranks first among the most innovative countries and is an attractive location for tech ventures far beyond fintechs. Around 50,000 new companies are founded every year, of which statistically only 10-20% survive. Good entrepreneurs are more in demand than ever, because they and their teams make the difference.

But how good is Switzerland for finding funding at Early stage?

Every entrepreneur knows the challenge of having to build up their company and find customers and talent - and, above all, having to raise funds. Especially at early stage (before the company earns more money than it spends), quick and easy access to liquidity and support are needed in Switzerland. In 2022 CHF 3.9 billions of venture capital has been injected into the Swiss startup ecosystem. And there are other funding sources outside Switzerland that invest in Swiss startups.

Accelerate Your Early-Stage Tech Venture's Funding Journey

As a Swiss tech venture builder, we deal with startups and investors daily and have compiled our findings from all meetings in this Tech Venture Funding Map for Switzerland. We want to contribute to the Swiss venture ecosystem and help founders and investors make the best use of their precious time.

Get in contact with us for changes and we will gladly include them in the next update.

After all, innovation comes from doing and not just talking ;-) Let's get things done together!

Why choosing a Venture Builder?

A tech venture builder delivers experience and speed execution, is a powerful attractor for top talent, and provides access to a relevant network in corporate and investor circles. Regarding speed execution, data shows that with a venture builder like Axelra, startups can reduce the time from idea to Series A funding to just 25.2 months, compared to 56 months in traditional setups. Financially, this translates to an IRR of 53%, tripling the valuation of your venture. 

About Axelra

Axelra is a Zurich (Switzerland) based Tech Venture Builder accelerating ideation, validation, launch, and scaling early-stage tech ventures for startups and corporates with skin in the game. We are industry-agnostic and build B2B, B2C, and D2C companies, and cover the whole company-building process in the areas of Product, Management, and Growth.

Since 2019, we accelerated 38 companies, co-created 20 tech ventures, and hold equity in 9 portfolio startups. We contribute up to 50% of our costs as sweat equity, aligning our interests directly with our ventures. Our service are offered depending on the stage of the startup and fine-tuned to meet your needs, whether you’re in ideation, (Pre-)MVP launch or scaling phase. Our unique execution capabilities, experience and re-use of Axelra Boosters speed you and your go to market up and kick your valuation.

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Printout (60.9 cm x 109cm)
Early-Bird Price incl. Shipping and 7.7% VAT29 CHF for CH39 EUR for AT, DE
Funding Map
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