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Nicole Schaller
Senior UX Designer & Product Owner
November 22, 2023
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Make a difference with a unique brand at early stage

Who does not know it. When you feel comfortable in your outfit and your own appearance - it suits you - it is easier to present yourself, sell yourself and connect with the right people.

The same applies to your venture and product. When starting a company it’s important to build an authentic brand from the beginning. A clear brand identity can help you attract investors, customers and employees and make your business unique and successful.

How to define a brand with limited resources in time and budget?

It is definitely possible and necessary to attach importance to the topic of branding right from the start with a strategic and focused approach. Your Brand will evolve over time, so not everything must be at place from the start. But it is important to start with a solid foundation and build upon it as the business grows.

Example for the Brand Process for Beyond Beauty Club App

1. Define your Brand with the help of a Brand Strategy Canvas

The brand strategy forms the basis on which the brand design and communication can be built.
We used the method and form of a Brand Strategy Canvas to develop the strategy for a new telco brand in a short period of time. The canvas was created in joint workshops and with the help of task sheets and served for a common understanding within the company and as a briefing for the design of the logo, color concept and imagery and for addressing the target group.

The Brand Strategy Canvas contains:

  • The Brand Core with the purpose of the company, the visions and the values
  • The Brand Positioning with audience, market and unique selling proposition
  • The Brand Persona which defines the personality of the brand, the tone of voice and possible taglines.

Summarizing all findings on one page helps you focus on whats important.

2. Develop the Brand through unique design and storytelling

A great brand captures the emotions that people experience when they interact with your company. The unique selling propostion and the personality of your brand are immediatly noticeable via the design – logo, typography, colors and imagery – based on the brand strategy.

The basic guidelines for the most important design elements are summarized in a scalable design system – starting small, but strong from the beginning and consistent.

The second important component of branding is storytelling. Storytelling uses engaging narratives to connect with audiences on an emotional level, making the brand memorable and distinct from competitors. It involves sharing stories about the brand’s origins, customer experiences, and values through various mediums.

The brand first becomes visible in the pitch deck and the digital product that is intended to convince customers and investors of a unique solution for a problem.

A professional branding is not icing on the cake, but a necessity

Branding helps to sharpen your own offer and the messages for the target group and helps to differentiate the startup. Effective branding creates trust and loyalty among customers, investors and employees. It invites users to engage with the company and ideally turns them into ambassadors for the brand.

Key Visual prompted with Chat GPT: Create an illustration in 3D Pixar style with lots of gray mice and a cheerful, colorful Pokemon figure in the middle. This figure shines out from the group.

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