Lets drink a coffee and figure out how we can together ignite, accelerate and deliver the next tech venture with skin in the game. 

We are curious and want to find out what you are looking for. 


Skin in the game

We build and scale digital products and services and the business around it with skin in the game. There we align the common interests by investing up to 50% of our total technology development costs in the project. We are open to different participation models, e.g. Sweat-Equity, KPI based Revenue-Share, Volume based conditions etc.

From co-creation to independence

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Our incremental and fast approach with many go-lives provides the opportunity to learn and improve quickly. Therefore our approach takes 100 days from the idea to the launch of a revenue generating MVP.

We always target the independence of our projects and ventures by supporting the idea of building a self sustaining organisation and business and therefore Axelra will, after a jointly agreed venture building plan was established, handover the core operations to the built team of the venture.

We work with partners to enable proper operation and the desired growth. To achieve this, we use the combined power and experience of our ecosystem to continuously develop the product and the business.

Speed Execution with Startups and Corporates

Together entrepreneurial and result-oriented
For each venture, we jointly establish a setup that ensures self-organisation, agile and entrepreneurial work and focus on results. The MVPs are developed and continuously tested together with customers as well as iteratively improved to enhance the solution-market fit.

We put together cross-company and cross-functional teams, with a skill mix and availability that we adapt to the specific situation. We work in a focused and collaborative manner on site with the customer, in the Venture Builder and from home.

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