We accelerate Tech Venture Building with skin in the game. 

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Tech Venture Building

Axelra is based in Zürich (Switzerland) and accelerates building, launching and scaling early stage tech ventures with skin in the game and is shipping together with their customers after 100 days revenue generating MVPs. We are open to different participation models and like aligning the common interests by investing up to 50% of the total technology development costs into the ventures as sweat equity.

Engagement Models with skin in the game:

Joint Venture

We jointly setup and fund the venture (50.1:49.9) and deliver in the first phase everything to get funding to start building an MVP.

Cash & Sweat

We invest a part (< 50% of the tech development costs) of our effort into shares of your startup / tokens of your DAO.

Time & Material

We go further than charging hours. We aligned our interests by providing volume based conditions or agreed about a KPI based revenue share model or bonus with you 

How we support the journey of Tech Ventures

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1. Prototype for Funding

Together with you, we Ideate your Idea and support you to get funding to build and launch a revenue generating MVP and incorporate and setup the business around it.

2. MVP for Traction

We complement your team,  build and iterate the MVP to earn the first revenues and scale the solution market fit and your valuation to raise new funding to scale your product and market further.

3. Scaling up R1.0

We work togehter on your business model fit and improve the traction to climb the Series X ladder. 

We are working with you in the areas of «Product», «Management Support» and «Growth».



We building, launching and scaling digital product and services e.g. Mobile Apps, Plattforms and dApps with a disruptive and digital / hybrid character. 

Mobile Apps

By putting a business idea into a mobile solution, you think of the most important things from a customer perspective first and will be able to launch, measure, personalize and iterate quickly. 

Mobile is a new normal. In 2020, there were almost 7 billion mobile users worldwide using their phones regularly, with anywhere from 46% to 61% checking their phones right after waking up. 

Axelra delivery and scales responsive PWAs (progressive web applicatoins) and as well crossplattform native Apps for iOs and Android. Preferrably with React.   


The desire for integration, scaling as well as the development of subscription models demands reliable Cloud service models such as PaaS, SaaS and IaaS etc. 

Axelra delivers Platform as a Services (Paas) in the cloud, where the tech ventures are taking care of all the underlying parts of the infrastructure and generate scalable revenue streams.

dApps (Blockchain)

New tech ventures are tapping into new business models. Understand the technical potential and build the solution together with us within a very short time, and together we also address and solve regulatory requirements. 

Corporates, especially financial serivce organisations, have started exploring with the potentials around blockchain, tokenization of assets and DeFi with us and thus identifying and building new services for their customers with corresponding revenue streams.

Especially with DeFi, generating fees through staking / pooling by the depositing crypto tokens symmetrically and asymmetrically in the inhouse treasury as well as providing this mechanism for banking customers.

Axelra delivers and scales decentralized blockchain services and its tokens and IDOs. Talk to us, about the following topics:

- Access, trading and custody of cryptos and digital assets

- Tokenization of products and (non-bankable) assets

- Developing new revenue streams through Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


Management Support

We help you with managment support in terms of the Investor & VC Support to get funding, the trust services like Incorporation and later the ongoing Accounting, Tax, Legal and of course the Recruiting of your talents.

Invest & VC 

Support in setting up a pitch deck to find investors and organize funding and thus answering the central questions around the startup idea, the market, the team, the business plan and the form of the investment sought. Support in interaction with investors / VCs. 

Trust Services

It starts with the incorporation and finding the right setup and legal form for your startup, team (ESOP), board and the register into the commercial registration and the basic services like bank accounts, insurances and office space.  

Later, the trust services support you in keeping accounts and performing management and administrative tasks in human resources and contract management. Furthermore, consulting in tax and insurance matters for founders, employees and companies in growth.  Incorporation, Accounting, Tax & Legal 


Finding, building, engaging and empowering talent for tech ventures across disciplines is easier done in collaboration with leading educational organizations as well as in the Axelra ecosystem than it is alone. 



We help you with growing your Product, your Business and with scaling up. 


We are scaling your Product by enhancing the Solution / Market Fit or at a later stage adapting your Business Model Fit. 

Data Driven Growth

Axelra developed boosters to accelerate the time to market based on disruptive SaaS solutions and newest technologies. Especially the Booster in Data Driven Growth supports Growth goals. 

For customer growth and usage in terms of trading volume, assets under management, basket size, etc., it is key to generate traffic to your digital products and services, convert the potential users in the lead funnel to customers, and then establish first-time usage and increase engagement. Combining traditional marketing and sales initiatives with new digital-first and data-driven approaches and tools has proven to be particularly effective.


With the boom of the crypto scene, the classic purchase of stocks (IPO = Initial Public Offering) has got competition. More and more investments are being made via investment options based on blockchain technology.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - The Token Sale
Minting, Issuing a own crypto coin is a popular way for startups and young companies to raise capital for blockchain-based business models and are not as regulated as raising capital like IPOs. 

STO (Security token offering) - The more regulated ICO
Security tokens are considered more secure because they are linked to actual assets such as land, real estate, commodities, or profit shares. That's why exchanges treat them like traditional securities in terms of regulation. Before companies are allowed to issue security tokens, the securities regulator must approve the issuance.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) / IDO (Initial DEX Offering) – The Token Fundraising on a (decentralized) Crypto Exchange.
In an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the issuer and investor are joined by a third player: a crypto exchange. Issuers offer their tokens on this exchange. While the IEO happens on a centralized exchange, the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) happens on decentralized exchanges (DEX). IDOs move the investment option back closer to the decentralized philosophy of cryptocurrencies.